How to Select a Light?

LED lighting is slightly different from traditional lighting solutions. When it comes to LED lighting selecting the right kind of light is essential so as to ensure that you do not have your work space lit up unevenly or bright/ dull.
LED Luminaires be it Inno LED or Luminaires from other manufacturers have several confusing terminologies like Watts, Lux, CRI, Angle of Light etc.; this can leave the general consumer confused.
Below given are a set of guidelines which will help you in easier selection of LED Luminaires.
Please note that the given suggestions are to be clarified with the datasheet provided by the LED Luminaire Manufacturer.
Guidelines Will be provided as a PDF file later on

ROI Calculator

Type Unit Present Lighting Proposed Lighting Proposed Lighting
Type 1          
Number of Lights Used Nos. Model Number
Wattage of each Light W Unit Price (Rs.)
Working Duration Hrs No. of Lights Used
Total Power Consumption kWh Total (Rs.)
Total Power Consumption kWh Invoice Value
(incl GST 12%)
Total Wattage per hour Units
Total Energy Consumption per Month * Units
Total Energy Consumption per Year Units
Total Energy Saving per Month Units
Total Energy Saving per Year Units
Energy Saving per annum Units
Present EB Tariff per unit Rs.
Saving from EB Bill per annum Rs.
Return On Investment Yrs