About Us

Inno - LED is manufactured under licence by Intech Systems Chennai Pvt. Ltd. Inno is a registered trademark of Inno Automation India Pvt Ltd. - www.inno.sg
We are one of the Emerging players in LED lighting business with a strong focus on the industrial sector.
Inno - LED was born out of the demand from the industry for a quality LED Lighting Company which was accountable in terms of both Quality as well as Service Support.
We at Inno LED are committed to producing LED Luminaires which outperform the competition and always exceed customer's expectations. We focus on quality over cost. In Inno LED's product range you will find a compact catalogue of products; all designed, tested and manufactured in- house in India.

All our products are manufactured in a Robotic Automatic Assembly system with the highest quality standards in mind, each product we product we produce is for the industry and you will be pleased to find the same standard and ruggedness that you find in our Inno-FA & Intech range of products.
Our in house design experts ensure that our lights fall well below the stipulated thermal design norms with a minimum 20% margin, enabling our lights to work on high temperature environments without any significant deterioration on performance. Our LM79, LM80 tested components and BIS compliance for Drivers across the IL product range ensure customer purchase with confidence.
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