Advantage Inno LED

We at Inno LED focus on Quality over price. It is our aim to reach those customers who are interested in the Total Cost of Ownership of the product rather than just the initial investment.
With Inno LED you can be rest assured, you are getting the best in class quality at an affordable price.

  • All Inno LED lights have Aluminium Heatsinks. All lights are thermally tested to ensure that they do not exceed 70oC and uniform heat distribution and thermal transfer so that they have no hotspots.
  • All our lights use Metal Clad PCBs instead of conventional FR4 PCBs used by most other manufacturers which helps us in achieving better heat dissipation and sustained LUX levels over a longer period of time.
  • Built- in Hollow Tube Surge Protection Device (10KV/ 10KA) on our premium IL series Industrial fittings and 5KV/ 5KA SPDs on all Inno LED Luminaires ensures that Inno LED lights do not fail even against the worst power surges.
  • We use Mitsubishi Acrylic or Toughened Glass Diffusers and Carclo (UK) optics for lenses to ensure minimum loss of light even after years of use.
  • We use the best brands on our Industrial Luminaires: All Inno LED luminaires come with Everlight, Cree or Philips LumiLED LEDs with a 140lm/ watt light output. All Inno Industrial LED Luminaires use Meanwell, Fulham or Philips Power Supply Driver modules and SPDs with a PF of 0.98 or more.
  • All Inno LED lights undergo 100% Thermal Testing at 35oC and Burn-in Testing for 4 hours. This ensures near Zero failure rates at customer site.
  • Robotic LED Pick and Place Machine and a 3 Stage Automatic Reflow Oven ensure uniform quality levels on all lights.
  • Lighting specialists to study your shop floor and offer the right lighting solution to match industry standard LUX levels.
  • Engineered Retrofits and Customized LED Lighting for your industry by our team of experts available with short lead times.